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5 Stylish Space-Saving Solutions for Your Living Room

Rooms that are short on square footage are some of the hardest to decorate. There are only so many furniture configurations that’ll actually fit, and the lack of space means you have to stick to the bare minimum when it comes to decor.

In the case of a small living room, the goal is to make the space feel comfortable and uncluttered. But you don’t have to settle for an Ikea hack job. There are many creative ways to fill a tiny living room with tasteful necessities and a few extras, too.

This week, we scoured Instagram for the best living room design ideas that cater to those of us who live modestly. Here are five of our favorite small-living looks and a few tips on how to make them work in your own space.

1. Movable coffee table

If your living room is certified small, then you’re going to want a coffee table that’s easy to maneuver—like this one in a post from @homeinheidelberg.

“A movable coffee table isn’t just a practical solution for small living spaces; it’s a stylish and versatile decor option that can transform the look and feel of any room,” says designer Julio Arco, of Bark and Chase. “With its ability to be easily rearranged, this trend provides flexibility in how you use the space, allowing you to adapt easily to different occasions and activities.”

Get the look: Keep things stylish and functional with this small wooden coffee table.

2. Creative book storage

When space is tight, storage is a challenge. But this unused fireplace from @jyoungdesignhouse answers the call beautifully for unconventional book storage.

“We love to show off books in a neat and tidy way with some extra-creative flair,” says designer Jennifer Davis, of Davis Interiors. “Keep smaller spaces from looking too busy by turning the book spines away for an eye-catching uniform look. Form meets function as stacks of beautiful books can also be used as little side tables to complete any room’s decor.”

Get the look: Put your unused fireplace to work using this house hack for book storage.

3. Wall-mounted lamp

Save precious floor space in your living room by making use of your walls. We love how this wall-mounted lamp from @kichlerlighting blends form and function.

“Wall-mounted sconces are an excellent way to make any space look more sophisticated yet instantly cozy,” says Davis. “With a wide variety of plug-in models available, you can find one that fits your style perfectly.”

Get the look: Bring more task lighting into your living room with this brass wall sconce.

4. Modular sofa

When your place is small, it helps to have a dynamic setup that can be easily moved around. Enter: this modular sofa seen in a post from @kristina.ahoi.

Modular sofas are made of multiple seating pieces that allow you to configure them in any arrangement that suits your space. It’s like having a custom-designed sofa that you can change on a whim.

Get the look: Strike the right balance with this modular sofa.

5. Small secretarial desk

Looking to carve out a workspace in your pint-sized living room? Try working at a small writing desk like the one seen in this post from @lizmearns.

“We adore furniture that serves multiple functions, especially a desk that doubles as an attractive console table,” says Davis. “It’s practical for work and can even be used as a dining table while watching your favorite tv show.”

Get the look: Get yourself a desk that does it all.

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