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6 Mistakes People Make When Buying a Sofa Online

Gone are the days of going from furniture store to furniture store to sit on, scrutinize, and (ultimately) buy a sofa. Now, with online shopping, you can browse thousands of sofas from hundreds of retailers and purchase your perfect piece of furniture with the press of a button.

Online shopping has made buying furniture more convenient, especially when it comes to larger items like couches. But buying a sofa sight unseen ups the potential for you to end up with a piece of furniture you’re not happy with.

Worst-case scenario: You have to deal with the hassle of returning the item.

To avoid a massive headache, take note of these common mistakes people make when ordering a sofa online.

1. Ignoring the size

Use a tape measure, and map out where the sofa will sit in your home.

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Laura Rich, product developer at Furniturebox, says that even if you can fit a larger couch into your space, it doesn’t mean you should. This is why it is essential to pay attention to a couch’s measurements, especially if you aren’t seeing it in person. Pull out a tape measure, and map out exactly where the sofa will sit in your living room.

“Make sure the size of the sofa doesn’t overpower the room,” Rich says. “A large sofa crammed into a small space will impede the flow of traffic and become a source of annoyance rather than comfort.”

Instead, select a sofa that will complement your space rather than clutter it.

2. Overvaluing design—and undervaluing comfort

Read customer reviews to better understand how comfortable the sofa is.

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A common mistake people make when ordering a couch online is not zeroing in on its comfort level.

“Many times, people order a sofa based on the design and not necessarily for comfort,” says Jason Farr, an interior designer and founder of Aviara Pavers.

To avoid this, Farr recommends reading customer reviews to better understand how the sofa feels.

“Also take into account the materials used, cushioning, and other features that could affect your comfort,” Farr says.

3. Overlooking shipping costs

Even though most people make a budget before ordering a couch, many easily forget to include shipping costs or assume the sofa will ship for free. Several retailers offer free shipping but many do not, especially on large furniture orders.

“It’s important to factor in the cost of shipping when shopping online as it can make a big difference in the total price you will be paying for your sofa,” says Alex Capozzolo, co-founder of SD House Guys in San Diego.

4. Choosing the wrong fabric

Consider how much and how you will use the sofa.

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One of the most significant mishaps people make is not choosing a suitable sofa fabric for their lifestyle needs. Think about how much and what kind of use your couch will get. For instance, will it be used sparingly or will it be in the main hangout area for children to play on and watch TV?

“If you have pets or children, you might want to choose a durable performance fabric that is both stain- and scratch-resistant,” says Grace Baena, interior designer of Kaiyo.

Baena also points out that high-quality leather is easier to clean and develops a beautiful patina over time.

5. Forgetting to measure doorways

Measuring the doorway to your house is imperative before buying a couch online.

“It’s a surprisingly common step people forget to take,” says Rich. “The last thing you want is to have your new sofa delivered, only to realize you can’t actually get it into your home!”

Make sure to double-check all doorway measurements if you believe it’ll be a tight fit. You can also confirm with the retailer if the couch has removable legs or comes partly assembled.

6. Not researching assembly details beforehand

Find out beforehand if the sofa needs to be assembled.

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Shaun Martin, owner and CEO of We Buy Houses In Denver, points out that many sofas come disassembled. This means that you will have to put it together yourself—or hire someone to do so.

To help save yourself time, money, and possibly frustration, Martin recommends doing thorough research before taking the jump.

“Make sure to research the product page or contact customer service to find out if the sofa requires any assembly,” he says.

It also helps to learn what exactly is included in the box upon delivery. For instance, some sofas might come with an instruction manual or extra hardware if assembly is required.

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