Blog: How To Optimize Your Company’s Roofing Sales Process

Many roofing companies today are hard set on their sales process—and for good reason. After all, if they work, then they work! However, even the most efficient processes can be improved upon.

The best salespeople know that when a roofing company’s sales processes change, their selling techniques must follow suit. There will always be market developments and technological advancements to think about.

As customer demands change, you’ll need to enhance your roofing sales process if you want to increase revenue and compete with other contractors in your area. 

Below, we’ll look at some techniques you can use to optimize your roofing company’s sales process, as well as how Roofr can help you. Ready? Let’s get to it.

  1. Build a professional profile 

First impressions are crucial. Particularly in a sector where success and growth are heavily influenced by image and reputation. You must “dress to impress” from the minute you approach the property. What you wear, how you do your hair, whether you show you’re listening, and how you act shapes your company’s appearance and reputation. 

It’s important to show respect for the homeowner and their property. Keep your appearance tidy (a basic polo shirt with your logo will suffice), dress properly, use excellent manners, and arrive with all required marketing materials. 

You could even give your car a personalized touch or sticker to indicate you belong to an established business. Small touches can make all the difference in residential roofing sales.

  1. Spend less time on individual sales 

From the initial lead follow-up through to the delivery of the final invoice, every step of a roofing job requires dedicated time. However, many roofers spend more time than necessary on individual transactions without recognizing it. Your productivity might be hampered by an inefficient roofing sales process. This will reduce the number of leads you can follow up on. It can even turn away potential clients.

To increase efficiency, look at each step of your roofing company sales process and identify areas where your business could save some time. For instance, you might be able to shorten the time it takes to produce an estimate using software platforms like Roofr. Or you might be able to reduce the number of times you meet with a client before they sign a contract. It could also be as simple as finding a more straightforward way to measure a roof through enlisting the help of roofing measurement software.

  1. Scale your business 

Every roofing company begins as a startup with just one or two employees. However, suppose you build your sales strategy around believing you’ll always be small. It may turn into a self-fulfilling prophecy. 

For instance, you might be okay with one salesman independently handling all the lead information. But once you have several salespeople on your team, they will all need access to lead information at any time. If you don’t prepare for this in advance, it can prevent you from expanding your team. 

The most successful roofing companies have procedures that make bringing on new team members simple, allowing them to grow sustainably and serve additional homeowners. Centralized access to customer information is also important, so your business should make use of platforms like Roofr that offer a customer database.

  1. Check results 

When was the last time you looked at the statistics to determine how well your roofing sales process was performing? Some roofing firms think their sales strategy is successful as long as they aren’t losing money. If you’re not keeping tabs on your data, though, you could be leaving money on the table.

Consider monitoring your business performance and making changes as necessary to increase profitability and boost effectiveness.

  1. Sell on value

Selling on value is another important way to easily optimize sales. In essence, value selling suggests that consumers purchase outcomes rather than actual services. Your product or service’s “worth” is determined by how much a buyer can reasonably expect to get back in return as a result of your services compared to how much they spent on receiving your service.

Unfortunately, many roofers are unaware that you can influence this perception by explaining to homeowners the value of your roofing services, as well as how you will assist them in achieving their objectives. Focus on emphasizing the fact that you want to enhance their quality of life rather than just closing a deal.

The importance of price decreases when value is prioritized, and vice versa. If value isn’t prioritized, your sales presentation will likely be overly-focused on price, which can be constricting and counterproductive. Describe how your clients will profit from your services to improve your roofing company sales process.

For instance, if a homeowner isn’t aware that they need new roof siding, explain to them how your siding services and products would safeguard their house and loved ones while also resulting in long-term financial savings.

  1. Utilize referrals and references

Every business owner is aware that word-of-mouth roofing marketing can make or break their company. You can use references and referrals when canvassing communities, because nothing is more persuasive to potential customers. 

Take the time during your sales presentation to show them peer ratings and recommendations from past roofing customers, because many individuals will rely on the expertise of others in their roofing contractor vetting process.

To further optimize your roofing company sales process, request that your present clients recommend your service to anyone they know who may need work done. 

As canvassing tools, positive reviews and references are terrific for boosting your business’ credibility, helping you sell more and expand your company.

  1. Utilize online sales tools

Nowadays, there is an app for almost anything, and roofing sales are no exception. You can measure roof reports correctly in a couple of minutes thanks to services like Roofr. 

Roofr assists you with producing quotes from your pre-defined pricing list, automatically calculating materials from a measuring report to produce eye-catching and branded proposals that inspire trust in your client. You can also create reusable templates and quickly calculate material quantities to stay ahead of your competitors.

Utilizing digital sales tools helps you increase sales while impressing clients with cleaner, more efficient workflows.

Ready to streamline your roofing sales process? Register for Roofr today!

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