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How Long Will Home Renovation Take? | Real Estate News & Insights

Renovating outdated or inefficient areas of your home can increase your comfort and raise your home’s value, but it can also disrupt your life. The length of such a home renovation project can run from days for basic cosmetic alterations and painting to months for major remodeling.

Knowing what to expect is often half the battle in home renovation—without losing your mind.

Any remodeling project starts with interviewing the experts who will do the work—the architects, designers and contractors. With each person, check for licenses and ask for references. Don’t hire the first one you interview without talking to others. That first architect might have grand ideas, but the second may offer practical guidelines you hadn’t considered.

A kitchen renovation, for example, can cost a lot of money and time, so you should be completely satisfied with the design and the contractors involved. The work you are paying for will be done in your most personal of spaces. You want professionals who will listen to your needs, and whom you enjoy working with. Personality matters.

After you settle on the design, order essential items such as cabinets and appliances, before the work begins. Poor planning can delay a job unnecessarily. Your contractor will seek permits, which could take a week to a month, depending on where you live. Construction could also take weeks or months.

Plan Your Home Renovation Projects

Here are general estimates for the time involved with different projects:


Duration: 3 to 6 months
What it entails: A complete remodel usually means replacing all appliances, cabinets and counters—and installing the backsplash and floors.
Potential pain points: Existing conditions in your home can affect the length of time needed to perform the job. These might include moving ductwork, updating old plumbing or improving electrical wiring to accommodate more appliances.


Duration: 2 to 3 months
What it entails: Bathroom remodels tend to take less time then kitchens. They are smaller and usually don’t need extensive electrical and vent work. Bathroom changes mainly involve plumbing, so spend time researching and hiring good plumbing contractors. Planning well is important to maximize usage of a small space.
Potential pain points: Unintended delays can be created by problems in the floor—and any room below the floor. Because waste plumbing is located in the floor, there is a risk of damage to the room beneath the bathroom. Proceeding carefully is key.

Room addition (such as bedroom)

Duration: 1 to 2 months
What it entails: The planner and contractor have to examine ground conditions and work with any structural and foundation issues.
Potential pain points: A good contractor will build the room outside of your house and complete electrical work in the room before opening the wall between your home and the new room. That way, the construction will be less disruptive to your lifestyle.

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