WIRED Brand Lab | Inside the Kitchen of the Future

The fully-connected kitchen is the year’s most delicious reboot. From voice control to remote starting and recipe integration, WiFi-enabled appliances are loaded with time-saving features both practical and delightful, virtually giving users the power of telekinesis. Want to feel the magic? Experience a day of life with Thermador’s industry-leading Masterpiece® and Professional® Collections. Enjoy your newfound superpowers—and the extra time with those who matter most.

7:00 a.m.
What’s that delicious smell? Your barista-quality Thermador built-in coffee maker just poured an extra-large cappuccino. But you’re still sleepy, so you summon Alexa to add an extra shot of espresso. Instant morning motivation.

7:15 a.m.
Craving eggs? Toss a skillet onto your Freedom® induction cooktop. It’ll detect the location and shape of your pan and choose the correct inductor elements to start heating—no circle-specific placement necessary. Your hood will detect cooktop temps and adjust the fan speed accordingly.

7:30 a.m.
An unexpected call—but you haven’t finished your eggs! Not to worry, your hood will keep them warm with restaurant-style infrared heat lamps.

11:45 a.m.
You’re typing away when you get an alert: someone left the refrigerator open. You come to the rescue, saving your produce—and your electricity bill. The coffee maker brews you tea while you’re there.

4:30 p.m.
You promised dinner in half an hour, but you’re still running errands—so you preheat your oven from your smartwatch, and pop in your dish as you walk through the door. Seamless.

6:15 p.m.
Your BFF just popped by with exciting news! You grab a bottle of champagne from your Thermador wine column’s presenter shelf—the one with extra-special lighting and customized temperature control, keeping your bubbly chilled to a perfect 49 degrees.

7:30 p.m.
The conversation keeps flowing, so you open a favorite Merlot, chilled to 62 degrees in a separate cooler zone.

10:15 p.m.
Did you forget to turn off the oven? The Thermador Home Connect™ app says all is well. You keep reading your novel in bed.

11:00 p.m.
You don’t even think about cleaning your coffee machine; it keeps itself fresh with hot water and steam. You order a morning shot of espresso from Alexa and drift off to sleep, grateful for the day’s tech-assisted special moments. It was like having a robot butler wrapped in sleek, modern, customizable design—the stuff of dreams.

Want to experience a smart kitchen in person? Learn more about the fully-connected Thermador Masterpiece® and Professional Collections at home-connect.

This story was produced by WIRED Brand Lab for Thermador.

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